Chicken Manchow Soup


2 Chicken thighs/breasts (boneless, skinless) OR approx 1 cup of cooked chicken pieces.
Chicken Stock  (4-5cups)
4 tbsp Canola Oil or vegetable oil
½ inch cube of ginger, finely grated 
Mixed Bell peppers (Red, Yellow, Orange, Green), ½ of each, chopped into 1x1 cm cubes.
½ a cup of shredded carrots
½ a cup sweet corn
2-3 scallions or green onions, chopped
2 tbsp cilantro leaves, chopped
4 tbsp soy sauce (approx)
2 tbsp vinegar 
2 tbsp hot sauce or chili sauce (Sriracha sauce if available)
3 tbsp Corn Starch
2-3 pinches of black pepper
Salt to taste (be cautious as the soy sauce is very salty)


Boil the chicken in water, add salt and black pepper while boiling. Strain and save the broth, keeping the chicken aside to cool. Once at room temperature, mince it or cut in into 1/2 inch cubes.

In a wok or a deep pan, heat the oil and sauté the mixed bell peppers, grated ginger, cilantro. Add the corn, shredded carrots and stir for a minute.

 Now add the cooked chicken, and gradually add the soy sauce, vinegar, hot sauce and salt (to taste). Sauté for another minute and add the chicken stock, stirring until it comes to a boil. Combine the cornstarch with 5-6 tablespoons of water and add to the boiling soup. Grind some fresh black pepper, keep stirring it until it thickens to the desired consistency. Transfer to soup bowls and garnish with scallions.

Note: For the vegetarian version of this soup,  replace the chicken stock with vegetable broth or plain water if vegetable stock not available.

Inspired by the food available in Chinese vans all over the streets in India.

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